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Alice Kupferberg

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As a plaintiffs’ advocate for more than thirty years, and Partner at BRKB for 22 years, attorney Alice Kupferberg has firsthand knowledge of the impact an accident can have on the stability of an individual’s life. She believes it is important to listen and really hear what her clients’ concerns are so that she may assist them individually. Alice strives to educate clients about the litigation process in order to empower them and return a sense of control to the client after a catastrophic event.

Alice is a proud advocate for the injured and has built her practice on word-of-mouth referrals rather than paid advertising. She knows that every happy client is an edification of her choice to specialize in this field — and to not be the type of lawyer who takes money from clients for our time spent with them, but rather to work on a contingency fee basis that rewards us only if our client is successful.

Alice is proud of our firm’s extensive history despite the fact that we do not advertise. We are always recommended to new clients by our old ones and that is gratifying beyond words. With ever-evolving standards and statutes governing New York personal injury law, an advocate has to remain current and involved. Alice still, after more than three decades, loves this area of law and helping her clients to achieve their goal of winning their cases.